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Reuse Standard

A draft (alpha) Open Data Standard to accelerate and de-risk the shift towards reusable products (especially packaging).

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Reuse Standard v0.1-alpha2

This is the second draft (alpha) of this standard. Please contact us with questions or feedback. We are especially keen to hear from individuals and organisations interested in using this standard.

Why a reuse Open Data Standard?

Packaging pollution is ubiquitous and impossible to ignore; where other types of pollution may be “invisible”, we are faced with daily evidence of this broken system. Companies and consumers across the world are pushing for change, as we collectively acknowledge that our single-use culture has to evolve.

The opportunity for an Open Data Standard to accelerate and de-risk the shift towards reusable products (especially packaging) is significant.


This whitepaper presents research into the potential for an Open Data Standard and digital tracking to aid and accelerate the transition to circular packaging systems.

The paper identifies the findings from research conducted across the packaging ecosystem that led to this draft Open Standard. It also seeks to recognise the challenges that businesses face on their journey to adopting more circular systems.

Download the whitepaper here.


The goal of this Open Standard, is to identify and standardise definitions that will support the launch, scaling, analysis and regulation of safe, optimised and compliant reuse systems.

Our hope is this standard will eventually:

What vs How

This draft standard defines the “what” of the reuse data for the purposes of shared understanding. It does not attempt to define:

Open vs Closed data

The standard itself is Open for the purposes of shared understanding. The standard does not require that any actual data sets be made “Open” and available to all.

The standard does enable organisations to choose which data to share publicly (if any) and also enables more detailed data to be shared only with trusted parties or regulators.

Versioning and Update Process

As the reuse space continues to develop and evolve, updates to the Standard will be necessary to ensure it remains relevant to both current and prospective users. This process is defined here


This draft Open Standard was researched and designed by Reath in collaboration with:

Support came from Innovate UK

Shield: CC BY 4.0

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

CC BY 4.0

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